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2022-2023 Course Instructors:

Dr. Jian Shen (05A-Algebra, 05B-Algebra, 08-Mathcounts/AMC)
• Professor and Associate Chair, Mathematics Department of Texas State University
• Faculty Teaching Award (2020), Mathematics Department of Texas State University
• Member of the Texas State Mathworks Summer Camp Team since 2003
• Member of the 1986 Chinese IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) Team
Dr. Jianbo Peng (06-Mathcounts/AMC, 10-AMC, 12-AMC) -- Member of the 1994 Chinese IMO Team
Dr. Qiang Zhao (07A-Algebra, 09A-PreCalculus) – Mathematics Professor at Texas State University
Ms. Chen Li (04A-PreAlgebra, 04B-PreAlgebra, 06A-Algebra, 06B-Algebra) -- 17 years of teaching experience, “Teacher of the Year” Award (2021) at a public middle school in Austin.
Dr. Hungzen Liao (02-Math and Reasoning, 08A-Algebra, 10A-Calculus) – 10 years of teaching experience at a private middle school in Austin
Ms. Zhen Wang (03-Math and Reasoning) – 11 years of teaching experience
Dr. Fang Xu (01-Math and Reasoning) – 5 years of teaching experience

Dr. Jian Shen

Dr. Shen is a Full Professor and the Associate Chair in the Mathematics Department of Texas State University. When he was in high school, Dr. Shen was the 2nd placed student in Chinese Mathematical Olympiad 1985, and was one of the six high school students in Team China in the 27th IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) in 1986. Dr. Shen has taught/coached/mentored thousands of extremely talented high/middle school students in both China and USA for the past 30 years, including three IMO medalists, two MathCounts national champions, one Siemens competition national champion team (winning $100,000 scholarship), two USAJMO national winners, and countless USAMO, USAJMO qualifiers. Dr. Shen has been the head coach for both Texas State Mathworks Team (representing USA) and Indonesia Team attending PMWC (Primary Mathematics World Contest) since 2009. In his leisure time Dr. Shen has been a distance runner for over 35 years, finishing his first Marathon race (42 km, or 26 miles) in 2003. His Marathon personal record was 3 hours and 35 minutes at the 2004 Austin Marathon. Dr. Shen loves kids and his favorite activity at home is playing with his three little boys.

Dr. Hungzen Liao

Dr. Liao graduated from University of Houston with a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics in 2016. He is enthusiastic at teaching and enjoys passing knowledge to the next generation. Currently, he teaches math courses at a private school in Austin.

Ms. Chen Li

Ms. Li earned her master's degree in education from NYU in 2002. She has 15 years of math teaching experience in public middle schools of Great Austin Area. She is very familiar with math expectations and curriculums of different grades. She is good at explaining complicated math concepts in a clear and understandable way and is able to tailor her teaching to students of different levels.

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