Computer Science Classes 2021-2022 




All courses will be delivered via Zoom. Lecture recording and notes will be available to students.

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15 weeks (August 27 – December 11, 2021)
Meet once a week on Friday or Saturday
Total class meetings: 15
No class on Nov. 26, 27 (Thanksgiving)
Course/Instructor              Time                   Prerequisite                                       Tuition
Scratch Programming     Dr. Wenbin Luo      6:30—7:30 PM (Central Time) Friday Grades 3--8 $300  (regular) Early Bird: $280

Python Programming   Dr. Wenbin Luo      5:00—6:15 PM (Central Time) Friday Grades 5--11 $300 (regular) Early Bird: $280

Java Programming      Dr. Wenbin Luo       6:00—7:15 PM (Central Time) Saturday Grades 7—12  $300 (regular) Early Bird: $280

Scratch Programming
Scratch is a block-based visual programming language, designed primarily for young students as
an educational tool for coding. This course will teach students the computational thinking skills
highly sought-after in our digital world. Students will have the opportunity to learn programming
through hands-on projects, such as drawing fractal trees, simulating rocket launching, fireworks
& snow simulation, building an analog & digital clock, bubble sort, linear & binary search, and
encryption & decryption etc. Students will be able to showcase and share their programming
products online with family and friends. Scratch programming is ideal for students 8 to 16 years

Python Programming
Python is one of the most popular programming languages among data scientists and machine
learning researchers. It is a perfect language for students to learn fundamental programming

skills and concepts. In this course, students will not only build solid programming skills, but also
master Python specific features. The instructor will guide students to solve some programming
competition problems using Python 3, which United States of America Computing Olympiad
(USACO) officially supports. Python programming is ideal for students 11 to 19 years old.

Java Programming
Java is another popular programming language. According to Oracle, Java is the #1 developer
platform in the world with more than 10 million Java developers and 13 billion devices run Java.
In this course. students will learn fundamental programming and computational thinking skills.
In addition, students will master Java specific features. Java is one of the three programming
languages (Python, Java, and C++) that USACO officially supports. The instructor will guide
students to solve some programming competition problems from USACO and Canada Computing
Olympiad etc. Java programming is ideal for students 14 to 19 years old.

About the Instructor: Dr. Wenbin Luo
• Professor of Computer Engineering, who enjoys teaching programming (Scratch, Python,
Java, C/C++, Processing, Racket, ReasonML, Scala, and Julia etc.)
• Ph.D. in Computer Engineering
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer
• Senior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-3)
• More than 15 years of experience in teaching summer camps to K-12 students.

To help students and parents decide which course better fits a student’s level, we included a
sample program written in Scratch, Python, and Java, respectively, to draw a fractal tree, as
shown in the file.